Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diwali 2012

Today marks the beginning of the 5-day Northern Indian Hindu festival of Diwali, or the Festival of Lights (in South India it is called Deepavali).  Like Dashain in Nepal and Navratri in India, Diwali celebrates to victory of the Good over the Evil and Light over Darkness.  On the first day of Diwali, part of the festivities include drawing designs called rangolis on the ground in front of the entrance to one's home, as a form of welcome to the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, Lakshmi.  This brought to mind another painting of mine...

Jesus at the Door

Some years ago I created this painting, Jesus at the Door, which touches on this theme of Diwali.  And so I thought I would share it here.  It symbolizes Hindus' (and all peoples') need to welcome Christ into their hearts and homes, and is based on the famous painting The Light of the World by William Holman Hunt, as well as a painting titled Every Pot Shall be Holy Unto the Lord by Frank Wesley.

In my painting, a humble married couple embraces on the floor of their home, while Jesus stands in the doorway holding a lamp with a cross in the flame.  A light illuminates Him and extends into the darkened house, falling across the couple.  Jesus stands on a cross-shaped rangoli outside the door, symbolizing the couple's welcome of Him into their hearts and home.

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