Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Ethnodoxology "Handual" Now Available!

"Worship and Mission for the Global Church: an Ethnodoxology Handbook & Manual ("handual") is about a new reality. Imagining what God’s Kingdom would be like using all of the arts for God. These two volumes offer theological reflection, case studies, practical tools, and audio visual resources to help the global church increase its awareness of and appreciation for culturally appropriate arts in Christian worship and witness."

I made a few contributions to the Handbook and can't wait to get my print copy!  Be sure to check it out here.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Christ in the Oaks

Christ in the Oaks by Auseklis Ozols

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Inauguration Day, let us remember that Christ is our Prince of Peace, and His disciples must pursue His peace wherever it is not found.

"Christ in the Oaks" was painted by Armenian artist Auseklis Ozols, founder of the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art.  The mural is in St. Rose de Lima Church in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.  The church was founded in 1926 as an African-American Roman Catholic church. Today, it is a racially mixed parish, heavily influenced by the African-American culture, and is known for its full gospel choir which performs annually at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Even witches love Jesus? | The Jesus Question

Here's the latest post over at The Jesus Question, which asks: Even witches love Jesus?  It reminds me that art/ritual objects/symbols/etc. may mean different things to different people, and Christians should strive to understand those differences in order to better understand the hearts of those we meet or know.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Museum of Russian Icons

Thanks to Kirsten Borror for posting this video link about the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA.  It is currently hosting the exhibit "Imaging the Invisible: Angels, Demons, Prayer & Wisdom." In addition, North River Gallery is hosting an exhibit by Alexander Gassel, the museum's curator.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gislebertus: The Dream of the Three Kings

An Angel Appears to the Three Kings in a Dream by Gislebertus,
1125-1135, Cathedral Saint-Lazare, Autun, France

The image above is the subject of ArtWay's Visual Meditation for today, called "God’s Guidance," by Richard Harries.  The image is that of a Romanesque column capital carved by an artist named Gislebertus, and the text of the meditation comes from Harries' book, A Gallery of Reflections: The Nativity of Christ.  I've posted the link on the blog today because the Romanesque style is an amalgam of ancient Roman, Celtic and Byzantine art styles, of which Celtic (or Insular) and Byzantine art were highly symbolic in form, much like nonwestern art.  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gospel Henna in South Asia

From Pioneers in South Asia:

Throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East, henna (a temporary plant-based dye) is used to dye hair and beards—giving it a reddish tint, or helping to hide the gray and white. Women use it on their fingernails and toenails to enhance femininity. But the most common use of henna is in decorative body art on the hands and feet, which is becoming increasingly popular in the West...

Read the rest of the short article here.