Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Last Supper

Here's a great image that combines both Persian and Thai art styles, by Thai artist Thammasak Aueragsakul, aka *Tigermyuou.  Unfortunately, his English description of the painting is a bit hard to understand, but you can download the image for your desktop (by clicking the image above or here).  His other work consists of both realistic and anime images, all of which is also excellent.  You can also find the artist's email contact on his profile page.

In the painting you can see Judas to the right of Jesus, with money bag in hand (foreshadowing) as he leaves to betray Him.  On the far left is a beautiful peacock, and a horned animal.  In the lower front left are two men carrying a Passover lamb.  The detail in the arches, carpet and clothing is spectacular.

So, do you consider this image an example of the Accomodation/Kernel and Husk method, or the Inculturation/Onion method of visual contextualization (or a combination of both)?


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