Monday, April 2, 2012

Website: Sacred Art Pilgrim

The Triumphal Entry by unknown Ethiopian artist, tempera/acrylic on parchment

Here's a great image and sacred art resource by way of W. David O. Taylor at Diary Of An Arts Pastor.  It's a website by John A. Kohan called Sacred Art Pilgrim.  Kohan writes: "This website presents works from my sacred art collection with meditations and religious texts in ways, I hope, [that] will bring image and story together, as they were meant to be, and help us to see once again with the eyes of the heart."  It has a great selection of biblical art from various time periods and parts of the world, arranged by theme, passage, or meditations about specific artists' work.

Kohan is a former TIME Magazine correspondent and an artist himself.  He has journeyed all over the world studying and creating sacred art.  He hopes to one day establish a sacred art museum, which would both host a permanent collection as well as send out "satellite shows to churches and educational institutions across the country."

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  1. Checked out his website, Scott. The Annunciation is my favorite.