Sunday, February 10, 2013

Richard Twiss (Taoyate Obnajin): "He Stands with His People"

Richard Twiss (Taoyate Obnajin): "He Stands with His People"

I had hoped to someday meet Richard in this life but thank God that I will have all eternity to get to know him better.  Richard was a Native American Christian who advocated the idea that indigenous people could follow Christ according to their cultural patterns of worship, dress and the arts.  He also worked to help strengthen the North American indigenous community, both Christian and non-Christian.  All believers, both western and indigenous, would do well to reflect on his writings and words (regardless of whether you agree with every point).  His books include: One Church, Many Tribes: Following Jesus the Way God Made You, Culture, Christ, and Kingdom Study Guide, and Rescuing Theology from the Cowboys: An Emerging Indigenous Expression of the Jesus Way in North America.  

I deeply admired Richard's faith and ministry and truly think that he has been a great and godly example for many who call Jesus savior. I praise our Father in heaven for how He has used this man to advance His kingdom and bring blessing and healing to so many people!

For other (and more eloquent) reflections on the impact Richard had on the lives of others, read here and here.  And be sure to check out his organization's website, Wiconi International.  Below is a video of Richard discussing the need for the American church to embrace their indigenous brothers and sisters as co-equals in Christ.

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