Saturday, June 8, 2013

Contextualized Mongolian Banner Update

In 2011 I posted about a worship celebration in Mongolia that commemorated 20 years of the Gospel in Mongolia.  The organizers of the event made nine contextualized banners that used two different Mongolian alphabets and cultural symbols.  One of the banners was based on a bowl painting of mine called Risen Lord of Heaven and Earth. The banner itself was called "Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life" and was based on John 14:6.

Ariunaa, a Southeast Asian living in Mongolia, writes that "most of the banners now hang in a church building shaped like a ger (yurt), built by men from a homeless shelter (the church is on the grounds of the shelter).  They were borrowed for the 2012 Christmas celebration at [Union Bible Training Centre] UBTC, where the main meeting hall was decorated as a ger interior."  Below are two photos of my banner from the Christmas celebration.

Puje, the principal of UBTC, is shown speaking above.  He and his wife Amartungalag (shown below on the left) have written 25 Christian songs and produced four compilation albums of contemporary Mongolian Christian music.  For more information about them and their ministry, click here and here.

Amartungalag and another woman are shown above playing the yatga, a Mongolian stringed instrument.  Both ladies are professionally trained and on staff at UBTC.  Below is a short video of a yatga being played:

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