Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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I recently found this cool logo of, a site that provides a Peshitta New Testament in Aramaic/English Interlinear format along with other resources.   The Peshitta is sometimes called the Syriac Vulgate and is "the standard version of the Bible for churches in the Syriac tradition" (Wikipedia), specifically the Assyrian Church of the East.  This logo represents the Aramaic word for Yah, a shortened form of Yahweh in the Old Testament.  Yah occurs in the Old Testament "about" 50 times.  The Aramaic form of Yah is used by the Church of the East on their altar and holy books (in the photo the logo is on the center of the cross).   You can see a cool pewter pendant with this form of Yah inscribed on it here.

Shamasha Paul Younan, the founder of, simply added a cross to the word to create the logo for his website. Concerning the dots above and below the Aramaic, Younan writes:

... the dots above the NAME reveal our belief in Tla Qnumeh b'Kha Kyana (three substances in one nature).  These are not vowel markings, merely decorations on the text. This isn't present in the Hebrew obviously.  The consonants Yudh-Heh (the NAME of God) are what is common between the two languages.  In the older texts, you can see the Yudh-Heh without these decorative dots which symbolize the Trinity.

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