Monday, September 8, 2014

Don Richardson To Speak Near Asheville, NC

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Author, former missionary, and contextualizer Don Richardson will be speaking at a 10:00am breakfast on September 22nd at Asheville Christian Academy, near Asheville, NC.

Richardson will share his personal experience as a missionary in Papua New Guinea.  He will also share from his many years of missions development work including the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course.

He is the author of Eternity in Their Hearts and other books. All of Richardson's books focus on what he calls his "redemptive analogy" thesis: the idea that each culture has some story, ritual, or tradition that can be used to illustrate and apply the Christian gospel message.

Don and his wife Carol served for 15 years among the Sawi, a Stone Age tribe of cannibal-headhunters who valued treachery as an ideal. Don designed an alphabet suited to their language, authored 19 primers, taught the tribesmen to read in their native tongue and translated the New Testament into Sawi. More than half of the Sawi came to Christ!

To sign up for the breakfast, click here.

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