Thursday, December 27, 2018

Nigerian Madonna and Child

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© Michael Harrar

Michael Harrar, artist and member of Wycliffe Bible Translators, recently produced this delightfully colorful Nigerian Madonna and Child from his home in the U.S. Until earlier this year (2018) he and his wife Beverly had been living in Nigeria where he was able to personally research much of the imagery in this painting. You can see more of his (typically more realistic) paintings at his website Artist Works Around the Globe. Two other favorites of his is this one he did earlier in 2018 for the SIL Nigeria Retreat banner, and this one of female African musicians.

Here is the artist's description for Nigerian Madonna and Child:

Nigeria is a people full of color. Every Sunday men and women dress in their finest to celebrate their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Traditional Jewish custom is also full of color and celebration. Using vibrant African fabrics, colored pencil and acrylics, the Madonna and Child is influenced by living among the Nigerian people. A combination of traditional and modern Nigerian designs and Jewish symbols bring the past and the present together. 

Christ is for all time; the focal point where the past, present and future meet. Join together in celebrating the Lord Jesus Christ this Christmas.

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