Friday, March 8, 2013

The Jesus Question: Depictions of Jesus in Northwest Coast Art, Part 1

A Tlingit community house and totem poles are preserved in
Totem Bight State Historical Park in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Be sure to check out the first part of a new series of posts at The Jesus Question, called Depictions of Jesus in Northwest Coast Art.  The series looks to be an interesting and exciting "celebration of the divine image-bearing First Nations peoples of coastal British Columbia, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon, and their art."  Part 1 is a general introduction to the peoples who create Northwest Coast Art, and a description of totem poles, their history and purposes (and common misconceptions about them).  The post even contains three videos on the art form, as well as a few photos.  Though I'm very under-informed about Northwest Coast Art, I absolutely love the look of it and I can't wait for Part 2 (which is coming later this weekend)!

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