Monday, January 20, 2014

Inexpensive Signed Copy of Book, "The Art of He Qi," Now Available

Here's a wonderful and inexpensive opportunity to own a copy of the book The Art of He Qi, signed by the artist himself, who is also willing to personalize the book for a specific individual.  The book contains 57 of the artist's best pieces throughout his Christian art career and only costs $39 + $3.99 shipping.  Considering that used prices for his other book, Look Toward the Heavens: The Art of He Qi, start at $75 + shipping, I'd jump on this opportunity asap if you love his art like I do (I already own a copy of the latter book).  You can read more about The Art of He Qi on the artist's website and see some images from inside the book.


  1. May I use a small copy of your angel at the tomb of resurrected Christ in my community's Liturgy of the Hours worship aid? We are a community of Benedictine women from Minnesota and are printing 75 copies of the booklet.

    1. Hi Anne. What is the url link to the image you are inquiring about?