Saturday, January 11, 2014

Visual Arts for Missions in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Here's an exciting promotional video that highlights Visual Arts for Missions (VAM), based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and their commitment to cross cultural art evangelism (VAM is a part of the YWAM global family of ministries).  See below for a description of the video and details about the program.

Visual Arts for Missions (VAM) is a training school that focuses on integration of visual art techniques with a cross cultural focus, to produce & multiply evangelistic resources for unreached peoples. 
The 6 month training includes lectures and workshops by experienced cross-cultural artists, hands on training, and ministry opportunities among the Asian art community, (all enhancing the learning experience.) Lectures are followed by a cross cultural outreach to an unreached people group learning with local artists, art exhibitions, and finally producing indigenous art tools for sharing the gospel.  
VAM participants will use biblical truth and gospel stories to create indigenous art forms that unreached peoples can understand, providing a practical application for artistic missionaries. Join our vibrant arts and media community in Chiang Mai– and develop your visual arts ministry... to reach the nations!

Anyone interested in participating in VAM must have successfully completed a YWAM Discipleship Training School [DTS]. You can read more about VAM and fill out an application here.  Also be sure to check out their Facebook page for more images and art.



  1. Wow!! Thanks for sharing this!! I hope the VAM will bless many people in this coming year!! (I'm Rachel, the school leader.) :)