Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Aboriginal Christian Painting of the Trinity and the People of God

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Here's a beautiful Australian Aboriginal painting called "Wapirra Trinity" by Clarise Nampijinpa Poulson, posted at Matt Stone's blog, Curious Christian (an excellent blog with great posts and art– check it out!).  For a description of the painting and it's meaning, click on the image.  The link features an article called "The Impact of Christianity on Australian Indigenous Art" and includes artwork by other Australian Aboriginal artists as well.  The article begins by posing several questions, which then are addressed as the article continues:

"What enables Indigenous artists to create paintings with Christian themes, even though one of the primary characteristics of Indigenous art lies in the narrative connection to the artist's country in its special Indigenous sense? What enables Indigenous people, who in their own views of religion include neither guilt nor original sin, to become involved with Christianity? What understanding or interpretation do the artists have of the Christian elements in their paintings?"

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