Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mongolian Warrior Paintings #8-10

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Today we finish with the last three paintings by Mongolian Christian artist Tumur-Ochir Gombojav.  To read more about the entire group of these paintings and their cultural background, please click here.

The Shield of Faith to Extinguish All the Flaming Arrows
of the Evil One

Mongol shield, 13th century.
Genghis Khan: The Exhibit.

Mongol shield, 13th century.
Genghis Khan: The Exhibit.

The Helmet of Salvation

Mongolian helmet, date unknown.

To see a licensed image of a modern reenactor at the Naadam Festival in Mongolia wearing a cross-emblazoned helmet similar to the one in the painting above, click here.

And lastly...
The Sword of the Spirit, Which is the Word of God
(the Mongolian sword is not double-edged, so the warrior
 wields two swords: the Old and the New Testaments)

Mongol Cavalry Saber, 13th-14th century, Genghis Khan: The Exhibit.

Mongol Cavalry Saber, 13th-14th century, Mongolian Military Museum.

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